Skin for All Seasons Welcomes Gina Castiello!


As a professional Registered Electrologist, I enhance the beauty of my patients and help build their self-esteem. Both men and women who seek my service come for a wide variety of reasons. Unwanted hair growth can be caused by changes in life including puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Certain illnesses or medications can induce the growth of unwanted hair. As an Electrologist, I can identify the difference between normal and abnormal growth of unwanted hair, referring patients to a medical provider for the latter. Whatever the source of hair growth, electrology is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal.

The process of electrology is simple, a very fine needle (probe) is inserted into the hair follicle. A small amount of electric current is applied and the blood supply of the hair (papilla) is cauterized. Once the papilla is cauterized, there is no nourishment for the hair and the hair no longer grows. This is a process of many treatments, yet the results are fabulous. Electrolysis is truly an investment in oneself!

I’ve been practicing electrology in Revere and surrounding areas since 1996. I use the highest standards of clinical sterilization and sterile disposable probes in a confidential environment. Call me for a complimentary consultation at 781-284-0601.

Electrology Pricing:

15 minutes: $35
30 minutes: $50
45 minutes: $70

We reserve the right to charge for appointments not kept or canceled without 24-hour advanced notice.